Our Tax Services

Our goal is to provide you with the greatest number of opportunities to save on taxes and develop advantageous financial plans to accomplish your financial goals.

  • Have a professional CPA, who is required to stay up to date with the latest tax updates help you with your tax return.
  • Using a CPA is a great way to maximize your tax savings for the current tax year, as well as, plan for tax savings in future years because of our wide range of knowledge.
  • Our staff will put your return through our tax software to ensure accuracy.
  • Our staff will file your return electronically, which will help you receive your refund quicker.
  • Remember, CPAs work for YOU, not the IRS.

  • Planning for taxes is one of the most successful ways to save.
  • You will be able to come in and sit with our staff throughout the entire year to plan ways to save at the end of the year.
  • RETIREMENT PLANS - We have knowledge in multiple retirement plans that can help you maximize tax saving in the current year, as well as, giving you more financial security for your future.
  • INVESTMENTS - We are here to help you achieve your investment goals by establishing the investment plans that work best for you. Our main goal is to maximize your investment while minimizing your risk.

  • Estate planning is one way to help save your heirs some money. Our goal is to minimize estate taxes and other transfer taxes. We are here to protect your beneficiaries and help with the management of the estate so your family doesn’t have to.

  • Our staff will look at your tax returns for the last 3 years and see if you are getting all you are entitled to.

  • Did you receive a letter from the IRS? We are here to help. We will walk you through the steps to resolve this issue by coming up with a sound defense and providing you with an appropriate response to the IRS.

  • PAYROLL TAX - Let us save you time by taking over your payroll tax filing responsibilities. Having a professional handle this for you is faster, easier and removes the risk of filing errors.
  • VALUATION - Any business owner understands the importance of knowing the value of their business. Even if you are not looking to sell or merge, we can provide the necessary determination of value for your estate planning purposes.
  • BOOKKEEPING - Have a professional take care of your bookkeeping for your business. We offer full-service bookkeeping which includes monthly bank reconciliations, balance sheets, and income statements, as well as, preparing and filing your sales tax returns.

3-Year Review of All Individual and Business Tax Returns

Are you sure you’re taking full advantage of all your legitimate write-offs? Have you ever wondered if you're paying more taxes than you need to? We can help answer those questions and we’ll do it FREE! If you’re interested in a no cost, no obligation, 3-year review of individual and business tax returns, contact us today.