3-Year Review of Tax Returns

Are you sure you’re taking full advantage of all your legitimate write-offs? Have you ever wondered if you're paying more taxes than you need to? We can help answer those questions and we’ll do it FREE! If you’re interested in a no cost, no obligation, 3-year review of individual and business tax returns, contact us today.

Gregory E. Lazicky, CPA, LLC's Team Members

Our Team

Here at Gregory E. Lazicky, CPA, LLC, we work to stay up to date on the latest tax laws and changes by attending frequent tax, estate and financial planning seminars, workshops and online webinars.

Our Financial Services

Our goal is to provide you with the greatest number of opportunities to save on taxes and develop advantageous financial plans to accomplish your financial goals.

Our Tax Center

Stay up to date on the latest tax information and due dates for the current year. Here, you have easy access to necessary tax forms and an easy way to check on your Federal and State refund.

Firm Profile

We are a full-service tax and accounting firm that includes bookkeeping and consulting services. Gregory E. Lazicky, CPA founded the firm in 1981. Our client base includes:
• Individuals
• Closely Held Businesses
• Limited Liability Companies
• Corporations
• Partnerships
• Estates
• Trusts

Mission Statement

Our firm is dedicated to providing quality personalized tax and financial services for individuals and businesses. Our mission is to help all our clients maintain feasible financial goals in the present while providing the ways and means to achieve their future goals. Through performance and open communication, we develop lifelong client relationships. As a firm, we are committed to maintaining a reputation for excellence, professionalism, and respect in our community.